SplitSecond International Inc. - "Nothing is impossible"
Volunteer Coach
Natasha Joe-Mayers
(St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
   As an educator , I believe volunteering along with other coaches will help our youths achieve their
dreams.  Mahasse Cornileus has helped me fulfill my Olympic dreams and educational goals.  As my coach Mahasse and mentor he has  taught me skills in that I have used in  my life. These skills have given me direction as a young woman, a daughter of an immigrant and once a minority at-risk teen. These skills have helped me become a two-time Olympian, a Scholar Athlete at the University of Southern California, Commonwealth games 100m champion, NCAA Champion, an Educator and a graduate of a great academic institution (USC), where I was awarded a full scholarship via Track and Field.
 Many believed I would not accomplish these things, Mahasse was one person who believed I could. Mahasse helped me to attain skills through track and field that has given me a ticket to my dreams and to the world. Because of his great influence and help, for ten years, I have traveled as a sports ambassador and athlete all over the world. However, Today, My goals now also include helping and uplifting our youth. I want to show them how I made my dream a reality, using the vehicle of Track and Field.
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